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We have been growing Serissa for about 25 years, and along the way we have learned some interesting things about them.   They are shrubs native to many parts of  Southern Asia, some are tropical and some are sub-tropical.  Those which are subtropical are happier in cooler areas especially in the heat of summer.

All require humidity so are usually not happy with air-conditioning or to near a heat source in the winter.    Those which are subtropical would prefer to be kept between 55-65 in the winter, the tropicals prefer 65-75, both groups need at least 3 hours of direct sun daily or 14 hours of fluorescent light daily.  This can be achieved either by misting lightly a few times a day, or placing the tree on pebbles in a humidity tray keeping water in the tray, or setting a cool mist vaporizer near by.

Serissa like a soil mix that has some fines in

but that drains quickly, so that they don’t sit in water.  They prefer to dry slightly between watering even wilting slightly.  In the summer this can mean daily watering, in the winter this can mean at times weekly watering.  Keep in mind that as the season changes so should your watering.

Serissa are cyclical boomers, and as with many tropical plants after flowering they will loose older leaves before putting on new growth.  When the tree is in shed cut back on the watering to allow the roots to search for water which then forces the tree to grow again.  If  you continue to water without holding back the tree may begin to rot instead of growing.

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